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Class Actions: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a class action?
Class actions are lawsuits in which a court certifies a group of plaintiffs that have similar individual claims as a class, and allows an attorney to sue on behalf of the entire class by naming a few of the plaintiffs in the class.

Class actions are intended to promote two main goals. First, they allow individuals who have been injured by large, well-funded corporations or institutions to seek judicial remedies by spreading the cost of complex and time-consuming litigation over the members of the class . Second, they protect consumers by deterring dangerous and deceptive business practices in the future.

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What is a Class Representative?
A class representative is a person who sues on behalf of himself or herself as well as on behalf of others (the “class”) who were similarly injured or damaged. In an action involving defective products, the class representative represents members of the class that have purchased the same or similar product. The class action allows people with relatively small injuries to seek compensation when individual actions may be too costly or impractical. Often, the court, upon application by class counsel, and in its discretion, awards to a class representative some additional award than that received by class members for services to the class.

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Who Pays Attorneys’ Fees and Expenses?
The Law Offices of Michael Scott Green brings class actions on a contingency basis. Therefore, the firm only gets paid upon producing a successful result, out of the settlement fund or judgment collection. Such a fee is first passed upon by the Court which must approve all fees and expenses paid to counsel in a class action.

Attorneys' fees and expenses are typically awarded by a court when the case is concluded. The amount of the attorneys' fees and the amount awarded, ordinarily depends on a variety of factors, such as the size of the recovery, the amount of time expended by the attorneys involved in the lawsuit, and the complexity of the litigation.

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Is my complaint too small for a class action?
Small complaints can often lead to successful class actions. For example, a successful class action was filed against Blockbuster Video for overcharging on late video returns.

If you think you know of a possible class action or would like to be a representative of a class action, contact us or submit your case online. An attorney will respond to your submission within 24 hours.

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